Hi! I’m Lance Conzett

I’ve been living in Nashville, Tennessee for my entire life. While studying journalism at Belmont University, I realized that the only reliable way to make sure I had art to go with the articles I wrote for the campus newspaper was to take them myself. Combined with an undying love of live music, a career in concert photography was born.

Owing to my photojournalism roots, my goal with every photograph is to convey what it actually felt like to be there, in that moment. I want the people viewing my photography to get the same visceral thrill as physically being in the middle of whirling mosh pits, glimmering pop arenas, and sprawling music festivals. If a picture tells a thousand words, I want mine to scream those words as loud and as long as possible.

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolio and the work that I'm doing. Wanna work together? Get in touch.

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