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Lauren + George

Lauren and George Dorrance, married October 29, 2016 at Centennial Art Center.

Lauren and George’s wedding happened long before any of us gathered to celebrate it. They flew to Yosemite, were married among the mountains in a small, private ceremony and that was that. But, as basically everyone will tell you, your wedding is just as much about everyone else as it is about you. A week or so later, they returned to Nashville and gathered their families and friends at the arts center in Nashville’s Centennial Park to celebrate around fire pits with a canoe full of beers.

Truthfully, neither Lauren nor George asked me to shoot their reception. I just turned up with my camera and dutifully put myself into service, shooting the family photos and trying to grab as many candids as I could as the sun started to set. That way, they’d have a smattering of digital photos to commemorate the time to compliment the shoebox full of Instax instant photos that were being shot by guests.

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