Daikaiju is the Most Dangerous Band in America

Earlier this week, I tempted fate to see Daikaiju, four masked madmen from Alabama with a penchant for setting their gear on fire. I’d heard stories about Daikaiju, but I was in no way prepared for the total mayhem that they wrought at Mouthhole, a DIY punk house venue deep in East Nashville.

Aside from a liberal spray of lighter fluid, the psych-surf-punk band crowdsurfed in recliners, played a drum solo on the shoulders of a fan, poured beers on themselves and each other, made out with skeletons and generally caused so much mayhem that huge pieces of furniture needed to be out of the garage while the band was playing. It was like Monotonix, Peelander-Z, and a cult gathering all wrapt into a single explosion of flame and fury.

If you see Daikaiju, and you should see Daikaiju, maybe BYO Fire Extinguisher, just in case.

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